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3 More Things Every Woman Needs to Know Before Having Labiaplasty Surgery

Plastic surgery has come quite a long way over the years, and become quite a commonly discussed topic in the world of cosmetic medicine. As the years have passed and technology has advanced, quite a bit plastic surgery has become far more commonplace amongst everyday individuals. And while procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentation have certainly dominated headlines, one of the most common, yet unknown procedures around today has got to be labiaplasty. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Munsey Park has to offer, this procedure, despite being a full-fledged plastic surgery procedure, isn’t as invasive as many would think. A minimally invasive form of cosmetic surgery, labiaplasty surgery is designed to help women improve the size, shape, symmetry, and overall look of the labia. Oftentimes, women are unsatisfied with the appearance of their most intimate areas, particularly the size and orientation of their labia. Sometimes this can be bad enough, where they will feel a particular lack of confidence, and self-esteem issues can begin to mount around the issues they feel they have in the appearance of their labia. sometimes, the procedure is also done to address physical pain or discomfort the patient might feel due to the size or shape of their labia – sometimes making it difficult to wear tighter pants or certain types of underwear. In some instances, as well the labiaplasty will also address discomfort patients might have during sex – therefore, it can be an all-around benefit to women looking to improve the look and feel of their most intimate areas, during times of intimacy and even during an average moment of the day. However, according to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Manhasset has to offer, because it is one of the most intimate procedures, the conversations around the labiaplasty aren’t as common as they would be for other procedures, and women aren’t as quick to admit to having one done. As we have done in our previous article, to better educate women on the important factors to know, we will be addressing a few more important things every woman should know before labiaplasty surgery.

Itchiness and Prolonged Discomfort

In our previous article, we discussed the topic of side effects and how they are possible in almost every form of aesthetic enhancement. One of the most common side effects, according to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Old Westbury has to offer, is definitely post-procedure itchiness. It’s important to understand this is very common and most patients will experience it as their tissue is healing. However, it is important not to scratch this or rub the tissue along the treatment area as best you can. This will only hamper your recovery and make it take longer and may even hamper your results. Try placing a cold towel on the area, and maybe ask your doctor if it persists or becomes severe. In addition, any other side effects you may be feeling, if they begin to present a problem or do not disappear within the first week or so, it is vital that you let your doctor know about them so they can help. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Old Westbury has in practice, this is important as there are many common side effects but sometimes, complications might come about, and they may require further medical intervention, therefore, you need to keep them informed on your condition.

Clothing Choices

One of the biggest mistakes patients will make when they are recovering from this kind of aesthetic enhancement procedure, is to wear any tight clothing or underwear that might interfere with their healing. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Munsey Park has in practice, this can cause you to prolong your recovery, and can cause unwanted pain issues. comfortable, loose clothing can only help speed up your recovery and some would say it is an integral part of it all.

Sexual Intercourse

Patients will almost always ask about having sex after surgery. It’s important to understand that you must abstain from sexual intercourse until you are fully cleared by your surgeon. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Manhasset has in practice, this is very important and not following your surgeon’s orders can cause you to experience further unwarranted damage to the area, and further prolong your recovery period. As the top labiaplasty specialist Old Westbury has in practice, Dr. Swift will generally recommend that patients can return to sexual activities once they have healed enough – this usually occurs after the 6-week mark. But always make sure you are cleared first, without this you may even cause enough damage to require additional surgery needed.

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